The renovation of the region won the billionaire company of the people of the heights with billions of dollars.

The Fejér B.-Á.-L. Zrt won. Lőrinc Mészáros Children’s Joint Venture, tendered the renovation of a former state-owned children’s camp in Fonyódliget, for HUF 4.48 billion. It is really close to Jobbik Faher I also mentioned pictures communication About this – that in the area on the banks of Lake Balaton fenced with barbed wire, many blue, red and white tents were erected, in the order of hundreds according to their readers.

The paper cites an earlier announcement by the Somogi Prefectural Government Office, according to which “old buildings will be renovated, tents will be replaced, program venues will be created” and “all new places will be barrier-free, even more self-forgetting amusement and recreation facilities.” A yurt camp with about 800 seats, there are also communal spaces for relaxation and recreation.”

Based on pro-government promises, the investment was supposed to take place two years ago, but that hasn’t happened yet. The Faher It is reported that President Jakab Peter Jobbik held a press conference here at the beginning of July, when he and Member of Parliament, Adam Steinmetz, who was also a right-winger, were hit by a machine. Opposition politicians came to the scene due to the delay in investment, since there were only metal frames at that time. Jobbik chief at the time said Lőrinc Mészáros had been burning billions for years, but instead of children, his life only improved.

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The portal states that the Elizabeth program was launched in 2012 for holidays to children in need. Five years later, contracts for Erzsébet Állemeltető Kft, reveal that over half a billion forints have been spent on Lőrinc Mészáros companies as of 2014, which could thus become the government’s largest camping supplier. They didn’t even want to advertise these contracts for a long time, claiming that they were managing the foundation’s money, so it was no longer considered public property. In the end, it became clear that Tibor Hornik, Secretary General of Elizabeth Camps, came to work among the needy children from a luxury villa on Lake Balaton, which costs Ft110 thousand a day, the newspaper wrote.

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