After the Czech Republic, the United States also issued a warning.

Is there a return to “normality” due to vaccinations? Absolutely: What is the “new” normal? we travel? Are we on vacation? party? Are we going to the theater and concert? How threatening are the various mutations in the virus? Should we be afraid of the fourth or fifth wave, or several waves? In our series, you will find everything you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic.

The US Center for Epidemiology and Disease Prevention (CDC) has issued a travel alert for epidemiological risk areas to Hungary, the Czech Republic and Iceland due to the increasing number of coronavirus infections.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) raised travel warnings for these countries on Monday to four, a level “extremely high,” and urged US citizens to avoid travel there if possible.

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However, for Japan, India, Pakistan, Liberia, Gambia and Mozambique, it has lowered the warning to a certain low level.

Hungary also falls into the epidemiological category of dark red in the Czech Republic. Unvaccinated people from countries of this group are subject to stricter entry rules than others.

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For those who have been fully vaccinated, a rapid test is sufficient after entering England


From Sunday, rapid testing will also be sufficient after entering England for those who have received the full dose of the coronavirus vaccine from internationally recognized vaccines, MTI writes.

Hungary is placed in the dark red category among the Czechs


The new rules require testing for unvaccinated people.

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