Peter Takacs also spoke about the fact that private practice no longer has such a competitive advantage over public healthcare, and wished the Director much success in the private sector.

State Minister of Health Peter Takacs relieved the director of Orošas Hospital from his post index According to his report programme. Takac also spoke about private healthcare and the relationship between the private sector and the state system. The hospital director in Orochaz opened a private clinic across the street, which is not prohibited by law, but it is unethical, which is why he decided to exempt him.

As also reported, the Orošaz Hospital Directorate is investigating the head of the hospital over his private clinic. There are regular complaints about the shortage of doctors in the hospital, which is why OKFŐ ordered an extraordinary examination. Peter Takacs said on the program that he acquitted Dr. Gerjo Durai on Thursday, that is, today.

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Takacs said:

He added, “This is not compatible with the work of a hospital director, so this morning I wished the director good luck in the private sector, and bid him farewell in his capacity as a hospital director.”

Takac also added that government healthcare has become a strong competitor to private healthcare in terms of medical fees, and according to him, the advantage that existed until now no longer exists.

In response to the news, Eva Sibok, one of Momentum’s politicians, wrote on her social media page that they had been preparing for several weeks and presented their results last week, which exposed the problem. The politician said that he did not believe that the matter he discussed in his speech before the agenda would be resolved so quickly.


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