According to Moll, “the current solution used inside the building is only temporary.”

The new Tower Mall building in Budapest was drowned in rain on Friday – Telex writes. Based on the photo taken by newspaper readers, the water seeping into the building is being collected in inflatable swimming pools for children.

In response to a Telex inquiry, the Mall’s press department confirmed the news: “Friday’s rain also caused problems at the Mall’s campus.” Although they also added that “in the case of buildings made with similar elemental facades and glass surfaces of complex geometry, similar situations may occur in the initial period.” They wrote that they are already working on the problem, and that “the current solution used inside the building is only temporary.”

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We wrote about the 120-meter high MOL campus in more detail here:

Does the Burj Mall mass really spoil the panorama?

Our photographer visited Budapest for a day and a half to see if the Mall Group’s 120-metre-tall headquarters actually hangs alarmingly in the skyline. Although the building does not reach the level of skyscrapers in Europe, it is considered the tallest building in the capital even in its semi-finished state. Will we see it as the pinnacle of architectural achievement or a disgrace that mars Budapest’s historic landscape?

Earlier we also visited the skyscraper and saw what the view was like from there.


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