Chairs of the boards everywhere receive HUF 1,624,000, board members and chairmen receive HUF 1.16 million, and board members receive HUF 696,000.

The salaries of the new management of the MÁV group have been significantly increased: members of the boards of directors and supervisory boards can now receive at least two, and in many cases two and a half times, former managers write 24 h Referring to the data uploaded by the MÁV Group to the websites of its affiliates.

On 27 April, Lázár announced that he would completely restructure the boards and supervisory boards of MÁV Zrt. and MÁV-Star and Volánbusz. The councils include well-known figures from the NER, such as László Parragh, László Németh, Judit Varga’s ex-husband, Péter Magyar, or Balázs Sonkodi, who was the Strategic State Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office when Lazar was still in charge of the portfolio.

In Máv Zrt. , The chairman’s salary has been increased by more than 120 percent. The positions of President and CEO were separated in the Chairman of the Company Group and MÁV Zrt. Zoltán Pafféri remains in charge of the operational management, while István Lepsényi, former Minister of State, President of the Hungarian Association for Hydrogen Technology, and former CEO of Magyar Suzuki has been appointed Chairman. Lepsényi could get $1.62 million instead of his previous commission fee of $730,000.

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Zoltán Gábor Dányi, former Deputy Foreign Minister and responsible for coordinating EU developments, will receive a commission fee of HUF 1.62 million for the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of MÁV Szolgáltató Központ Zrt. , while the aforementioned Balaz Sonkodi, who will be a board member under Dányi’s leadership will receive HUF 1.16 million will hit the mark.

Since then, MÁV has posted salaries on corporate websites. The documents reveal that the amounts were consolidated by increasing bonuses. Chairmen of the board receive HUF 1,624,000, board members and chairmen receive HUF 1.16 million, and board members receive HUF 696,000, the portal reports.


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