Foreign Minister Peter Sjägarto told Ria Novoszty that they wanted nine Russian businessmen exempted from international sanctions. The Hungarian diplomat specifically referred to a person who participated in his interview with the Russian News Agency, and then belittled the fact that, in his opinion, several people were added to the list without any basis, but then admitted that they had tried in vain to delete them.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sijarto said that Hungary is working to exempt nine Russian businessmen from sanctions. RIA Novosti In an interview with a Russian news agency. Russians According to the news agency Szijjártó mentioned businessmen who had “very important investments” in Central Asian countries.

According to the news agency, the Hungarian foreign minister also said that the people involved are “very responsible members of business circles” and the countries involved do not understand why they cannot cooperate with them. “That’s why we thought it would be fair to remove her from the sanctions list, as there is no real legal basis for her to be included in it.”

Szijjártó used the communist years as an example, during which we “suffered”, and “we know what it is like when children are held responsible for the perceived or real actions of their parents”. In our opinion, these times should not return – said Szijjártó, who also indirectly referred to one of them – Nyikita Mazepin – when he asked:

Why should an ex-Formula 1 driver be punished for his father’s suspicious ties to the Russian government?

Mazepin appeared on the list in March with his father, Dmitry Mazepin, the head of Uralchem, one of Russia’s largest fertilizer producers, who is believed to be part of Putin’s inner circle. Haas’ F1 team has ended the contract with his son after penalties were imposed.

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According to Ria Novosztyi, Szijjártó also spoke about the fact that only one person should be placed on the sanction list based on serious and legally justified reasons. And he declared that if there is no good reason against a person, someone just wants to put it on him for some reason, then this is not enough for us.

At the same time, he admitted that when the tenth sanctions package was adopted, they had already tried to remove some people from the list, but they met strong resistance, “so they stayed on the list.”

EU leaders were unable to agree on a tenth sanctions package on Thursday, but – as the Eurologist pointed out – this has not happened in Hungary, meaning the Hungarian government has not removed anyone from the list, and the agreement is now blocked by the Poles, who do not consider it Severe restrictions on Russian synthetics.


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