Oleksiy Salnikov is suspected of corrupting the highest judges in connection with a commercial lawsuit.

Due to suspicion of corruption, the Anti-Corruption Service of Ukraine inspected the Office of the Head of the State Administration of Justice (DSZA), the Anti-Corruption Agency of Ukraine (NABU) and the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Anti-Corruption (SZAP) announced in a statement on Monday.

The head of the bureau was not mentioned by name in the announcement, but he was Oleksiy Salnikov – he referred to the Ukrainska Pravda news portal in its report. Investigators suspect that the man is trying to give the highest judges an unfair advantage in order to decide in favor of a commercial enterprise.

According to NABU, at the beginning of March, the acting head of the Judicial Directorate received $7,500 from a representative of a commercial enterprise, of which $5,000 was to be transferred to judges to support favorable decision-making, and $2,500 for mediation services. The DSZA president promised to “help” the Supreme Court justices in the decision, including by involving the former chief justice. The suspect informed the concerned person that the case is underway, and talked about the circumstances of the case with the Chief Justice, at the same time explaining the delay in making the court’s decision due to “objective reasons.”

After the ex-president of the Supreme Court, Vsevolod Knyazev, was revealed by the Ukrainian authorities to have received illegal benefits, the head of the DSZA began to avoid resolving the judicial case in question, but did not want to return the illegal benefits he had received. And the official continued to convince the trading company that the agreed decision would be reached, and on this occasion he wants to speak with the head of one of the bankruptcy courts – SZAP explained.

Ukraineska Pravda noted that on May 15, the Anti-Corruption Authority detained the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Vsevolod Knyazev, who had accepted nearly three million dollars in bribes. The next day, the plenary session of the Supreme Court dismissed Knyazev from office with a motion of no confidence in him. On April 20 – still chief of the Supreme Court – Knyazev signed the decision appointing Salnikov head of the State Administration of Justice of Ukraine.


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