The Hungarian government provides emergency support to players in the grain and oilseed sector, but not based on its own idea and money, but in accordance with the decision of the European Commission and with the funds of the European Union.

Due to increased corn imports from Ukraine, local producers have suffered economic loss due to lower prices and additional storage needs, according to a recent finding. Draft decree of the Minister of Agriculturewhich aims to compensate for this loss.

The proposal posted on the government’s website also shows that “emergency aid” is not the idea of ​​the Hungarian government itself, and that compensation will not be provided from local budget sources, but based on the European Commission’s executive order approved on June 30 and from EU funds.

Not only some of the 77,174 Hungarian maize farmers could receive such support, but also players in the grain and oil crop sectors in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. decree impact assessment sheet 15.93 million euros can be distributed in Hungary.

Maize producers must submit a subsidy application – details of which are contained in the draft decree.

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Housing allowance for existing and adopted children

One of the most important components of the Housing Support Scheme is the Family Home Establishment Allowance (CSOK). Applicants can receive between HUF 600,000 and HUF 10,000,000 for their existing and adopted children in order to achieve their housing goals. the Bankmonitor with CSOK calculator Benefit eligibility can be checked easily, but it is also possible to find out if a subsidy-related deduction can be applied for. CSOK loan.


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