In addition to the mayors of Marbella, the imprisoned politician was the city council’s director of town planning.

In one of Spain’s biggest corruption cases, a former businessman was convicted of the former Murcia hotel building being bought by BDPST group, which employs István Tiborcz and employs Orbán Rachel as creative leader, HVG wrote in its latest issue.

Urban’s son-in-law won an interest in an 84-room hotel for €9.3 million. The hotel was owned by Juan Antonio Roca. In addition to the mayors of Marbella, the politician was the city council manager of the city council, and in this position he was the great ruler of any construction site to which the road usually led through bribes.

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However, Spanish law enforcement authorities have charged Roca with embezzlement, money laundering and bribery as part of Operation Malaya, among many other things. Thus, the wealthy politician was sentenced not only to 50 years in prison, but also to the confiscation of 233 million euros (more than 80 billion forints) of property. This is why the hotel, which had been sold for years, was brought to justice and ended up in BDPST.

According to the article, the investment could prove to be a good deal, with property prices in Spain having stalled recently, mostly due to Covid. In addition, Tiborczes has set additional acquisition targets, according to HVG.

By the way, the Tiborcs, who moved to Marbella, are not the only ones on the Spanish coast, other Hungarian investors have appeared before. You can also find in the city the Jewish Royt, who also operates three restaurants in the city.

More details can be found in this week’s edition of HVG and HVG360:

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