They sold just over a hundred of their common stock at an auction. A bid could have been submitted for five days, but three of them were public holidays.

The Hungarian state sold 103 common shares of ISD Dunaferr Zrt. With a face value of 1,130 HUF – nabe.

According to the newspaper, the shares were traded as part of an auction that took place from August 19 to 24. between. But during this period, there were also three holidays, so the bids did not last long.

The winner paid 2.2 million HUF for the package.

Dunaferr is not in an easy position: the company’s majority owner is registered in Cyprus but Steelhold Ltd’s Russian-Ukrainian company Steelhold Ltd, whose shareholders have been the subject of a fierce struggle in recent years. By spring, she had degraded to being a lawyer claiming to be Steelhold’s representative

He tried to take over the company with a team of security guards.

about it already G7 According to foreign correspondents, Russian mining and steel company Matalloinvest is in talks with Russia’s state development bank, Vnyesekonombank, to buy the Dunaújváros steel plant. The latter owns more than 50 percent of Steelhold Ltd. , so if the deal goes through, Dunaferr will also have a new principal owner.

ISD Dunaferr Zrt. He did not want to comment on the sale of the state package.

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According to the court, the general meeting held on May 6 in Donfair was not valid


Immediately after the meeting in the parking lot, the company’s management announced that it did not believe that the general meeting had reached a quorum.

It seems that the state is not at all interested in what will happen to Denver

Guinness Agneshvg360

Dunaferr finally has a new cast, but he can’t go to work. The company continues to quarrel as it dances on the verge of bankruptcy.