Chris Dinsdale will run the company until the end of July.

Budapest Airport will be run by a new General Manager from August, with Chris Dinsdale leaving the company at the end of July. In the future, the specialist will hold the position of President and CEO of the Calgary Airport Authority, which operates Calgary International Airport in Canada.

According to the Budapest Airport announcement, Chris Dinsdale has worked as CFO since 2015, later as Deputy General Manager, and since 2021 as General Manager in the company that operates Liszt Ferenc International Airport. It played a big role in the fact that the airport was repeatedly awarded the “Best Airport in Eastern Europe” award from Skytrax, as well as the “Best Airport in Europe” award announced on Monday by Airports Council International (ACI). His work has greatly contributed to the development of the airport into a pioneer of Hungarian tourism and a worthy gateway to Hungary.

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And the company indicated: The owners will soon provide information on the identity of the new CEO.

The country has wanted to acquire Ferihe Airport for years, but the matter was previously put on hold due to the economic situation. However, Prime Minister Viktor Orban referred to it in his annual review speech in mid-February by citing the topic titled Reptér, and mentioned it earlier, Gergely Gulyás, in one of the government briefings, so it is expected that the issue of its purchase will be on the agenda again. other.

Aviation expert Andras Bugar told HVG that re-nationalization would not be necessary.


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You can also vote on the name of the new airport car park

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There are four options to choose from, Budapest Airport is waiting for your vote on Facebook.