The man, who is suspected of letting thousands of liters of oil into the Ráckeve-Soroksár Danube branch, can freely defend himself.

The man from Tokol, whom the police suspect of oil contamination in Zygetszentmeklos, did not testify during questioning. According to the police, Joseph F. , who has not checked a polygraph, can continue to defend himself in the open.

At the beginning of December last year, thousands of liters of oil entered the Ráckeve-Soroksár Danube branch, polluting 1,800 square meters of reeds and 400 square meters of peat bogs, destroying 1,500 peat fern plants. The processing business alone consumed more than 100 million HUF. Investigators collected oil samples at 40 nearby sites to compare with contamination. This is how they got to Joseph V, who in his home and place of work also seized objects that they thought were connected with the crime.

Someone left a lot of used oil in the sewer in Szigetszentmiklós

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A tracing fee was set at 900,000 HUF in the case. The pollution did not reach the Danube.

Oil pollution in Szigetszentmiklós: more than 10 thousand liters of used oil were pumped

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The Central Danube Water Directorate has filed a complaint about the pollution, and the police are investigating an unknown perpetrator.