Urban’s new and new Minister of Agriculture, István Nagy, will meet the Slovak Environment Minister on his first official trip. The debate about pollution started in Sajó.

Among the world’s most pressing problems are environmental protection, the climate crisis and sustainability. We need to pay special attention to these, so we also need to prioritize them. Hence the title of our new division: Zhvg.

The first official trip of the new Hungarian government after the formation of the new Hungarian government to the old and new Minister of Agriculture Istvan Nagy, who Mentioned by the community Where he also indicated why:

You initiated a meeting due to pollution in the river, and it needs to be addressed immediately.

For the third month in a row, the polluted waters of a former iron ore mine, which contains arsenic as well as iron oxide and a number of other minerals, is flowing into Sajó. Although the Slovak Environmental Inspectorate had already ordered the Slovak State Ore Mining Company to find a solution within a week in mid-March, it was waiting for that time.

Because of the pollution, an environmental disaster has been mentioned by local civilians and environmentalists who already consider the upper part of the river near Rožňava dead. Although polluted waters are significantly diluted by the time it reaches the Hungarian border, and water quality tests in the water sector also detect pollutants with less than the specified value, fishermen in the area are concerned and there are people who see the effects of pollution in Hungary A few days ago. Our video report shows:

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Although it has been mitigated to the limit, Sajó pollution has made it to Parliament anyway


Slowly three months ago, a former iron ore mine polluted the upper reaches of the Sajó River in Slovakia, causing massive destruction to the river’s wildlife, but the solution is not yet clear. The issue of pollution was already a topic in the Hungarian Parliament, although everything in the Hungarian section of the river is below the permissible limit at the moment.

Jakvalva Mayor Janos Ader has sent the media to a warmer climate in a video due to Sajó pollution


Mayor Ernie Felix has unsolicited words to all those who did not report the contamination of Sajó. Even Janos Ader and a reporter questioning opposition members will get his private message.