Twice as many people – 40 percent of the population – live below the subsistence minimum in villages than in the capital.

30 percent of Hungarians lived below the subsistence minimum in 2020 – quoted RTL NewsYes Analysis of Monday’s policy agenda. The research institute calculated this on the basis of the most recent data available from two years ago. Based on this

A person needs at least HUF 124,000 per month to maintain a minimum standard of living in 2020.

There was a big difference by place of residence:

  • 19 percent of people in Budapest
  • In villages, an average of 40 percent lived below the subsistence minimum in 2020.

The situation was worst in the northern Great Plain provinces, where more than 43 percent of the population lived below the subsistence minimum.

The living wage calculation shows how much income a person needs to maintain a minimum standard of living. King Salman Hospital has not released this data since 2015.


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