It turns out that the prime minister’s daughter is preparing to acquire not 34, but 94 hectares of land in the Tokaj wine region.

This week it was revealed that the prime minister’s eldest daughter, Rahel Orbán, had bought 34 hectares of vineyards in Tokaj, which was also in her mother’s name, for 273 million HUF. The lands were transferred from Anikó Lévai to Dezs Kékessy, who died this year, after a scandal broke out nearly twenty years ago over the wealth of the Orbán family.

the transparent Since then it has been noted that Rahel Urban has already signed a contract for an additional 60 hectares of this area, which is nearing completion. He will pay 327 million HUF for lands in Bodrogkirchtor, Bodrogjsvalud, Med and Tokaj if no local farmer exercises his right of first refusal.

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The seller this time is Peter Molnar, Chairman of the Tokaj Mountain Village Council, Chair of the Department of Viticulture and Oenology at Tokaj Hijalaga University, Associate Professor, and Co-Owner of Tokaj Nobilis Bt. , managing director and real estate manager of Patricius Borház Zrt.

Most of the vineyard areas that are subject to sale are leased by Patricius Borház Zrt until 2040, paying an annual rent of HUF 30,000 per plot, some of which are located in nature protected areas classified as Natura 2000. In addition to Patricius, individuals also rent certain areas for HUF 40,000 hectares per hectare annually, but their contracts expire in 2023 and 2026.

With the two contracts, Ráhel Orbán can acquire a total of 94 hectares of land for 600 million HUF.

The real estate that the Prime Minister’s daughter will buy is now mortgaged and can be changed after years of repayment of the loan. According to the expert who spoke to Átráltszó anonymously, this kind of thing rarely happens. A simple lending transaction can be the basis of the mortgage, but it can also serve the function of asset protection on the part of the trustee.


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