In addition, he was going to sign contracts worth HUF 83 million with people close to his assistant without the approval of the faction leadership, but the party actually prevented this. According to those involved, it is a matter of “simple change”.

Before being replaced as party leader, Peter Jakab signed four-year employment contracts worth 103 million forints without the approval and knowledge of the Jobbik faction leadership, after which he would do the same for another 83 million fort, but the party had already done so. Jobbik press department said that prevent it to telex. Because of all this, Peter Jakab has been reported on charges of abuse of office and breach of trust.

Police confirmed to the portal that the Public Prosecutor for the Central Investigation referred the case to Budapest Police Headquarters, and ordered BRFK to add to the report.

Regarding contracts, according to party regulations, Jakab had to consult with the faction leadership on contracts, which he would not have decided on his own. Despite this, Jakab managed to offer contracts worth 103 million HUF to the Parliament Office, which handles the payments: with these, he entrusted the employees for four years, who, according to the party, were related to Jakab, but mostly to his assistant, Enneki Molnar.

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As they write, long-term contracts are unusual in the party, they represent a serious financial burden, they could not then be canceled, and their termination would entail huge costs.

Having learned about the contracts signed by the former president, the faction members intervened: they withdrew the financial framework for the deputies, which they had previously ceded to the faction, and which was to be used to pay the deputies’ wages. Those who work for the faction. Thus, when Jakab wanted to present new contracts to the Parliament office worth approximately 83 million forints a few days later, it turned out that there was no lid behind them, Telex said, adding that “according to some opinions”, Jakab wanted to make sure that party members who supported him would get Four years’ wages. Also in the event that Jobbik is left in the meantime and a new party is established.

In response to the portal’s question, Jakab confirmed his intention to conclude contracts worth HUF 83 million: “I wanted to extend the existing employment contract for one employee as a platoon commander, that is, as an employer, and I wanted to hire four employees in order to work in the platoon with a salary of HUF 300,000.”

One of the people involved, with whom Jakab could have signed, was László Biro, also known for his past anti-Semitic statements, who said: He actually gave Jakab advice, which the politician wanted to reward. According to the judge, it was about payments for real work, not theft. “We shouldn’t talk about our pocket money. What Jobbik’s presidency is doing now is, in my opinion, a head-to-head class.”

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Jakab has since been replaced as faction leader by the party’s new head, Marton Jeongyosi.


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