Andras Domani

An additional four billion forints are still available for government communications.

Some of the budget reallocations are just reclassification between different funds, but state communications still received an additional four billion forints.

Basic items: Water directorates will receive more than a billion from the modern cities program, which will be discontinued. The government is generous in sports affairs: a total of 14.3 billion forints has been allocated for expenses related to the exercise of the National Sports Agency’s property rights, the organization of major international sporting and other major government events, and preparation for the tournament. Investment of the National Ski Center.

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Now the universities remaining in the hands of the state will receive five billion, and 11 billion will be transferred from the General Protection Fund to operational support for the general tasks of local governments, and instead of the title of competitive sector support, 40 billion will be allocated. Under the name of economic development programs. They agreed to exceed the budget to support non-governmental humanitarian services for social purposes by 19.5 billion.

As in almost all budget reallocation decisions, Antal Rogan’s budget for communications and government consultation was increased, this time by four billion HUF.

The government also decided to invest. Investment by the Diocese of Szeged-Sanad, led by Bishop László Kiss-Rego, for the establishment of a new Catholic primary school and secondary school, and for the construction of a new building on the site of the Fantos Istvan Giacorlo College of Vocational Music and the Abathy College. The University of Szeged has been excluded from all national and local regulations, with specific reference to Blocking changes is not applicable, and all of this also applies to persistent cases. Deadlines for dealing with cases already declared priority in 2018 have been shortened.

We have the first exception to the newly approved investment law. The government decided that “in view of the priority national interest in the rapid completion of construction investment”, the Varpalota defense industrial complex – including its associated test ranges – exempts real estate investment from the application of the law. The military-industrial complex, which is expected to be completed by 2026, is being built in Varbalot for more than 24 billion Hungarian forints, which is expected to lead to the rapid development of the city.

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