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They clearly did not regret the money for this amazing exhibition, schoolchildren here also enjoy it. We can only hope that the government will also accept some of the principles raised here.

Greenpeace described the Planet Budapest Sustainability Expo and Global Meeting held in Hungexpo as the lynching event on Tuesday morning, drawing attention to the fact that while organizing an exhibition in the name of sustainability, the Hungarian government is constantly working to destroy Hungarian wildlife through harmful activities. Emissions of harmful gases and prevent a climate catastrophe.

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How much Hungary is fighting climate change has been compiled at the time of the Glasgow Climate Summit:

Hungary will sit comfortably in Glasgow, although it will demand more in the fight against climate

Hungary has already made its announcements at the climate summit in Glasgow, where head of state Janos Ader put forth some winning words earlier this week. We can’t expect much more about COP26, but we actually set our first (2030) anti-climate bar very low. So while progress in solidifying climate neutrality in 2050 may be the end of the effort.

But what did this show describe as a hoax by a green organization? short:


The exhibition space occupies a total of five pavilions, but only one can be addressed in the name of sustainability. What this means is that the eight wood carpenter’s stalls, two with honey and one with water, as well as a variety of meat, meat and fish dishes, all focus on sustainability. Like whether you’re going to consume local whole foods, or whether locally grown flaxseeds contain more omega-3 fatty acids than common fatty acids but are produced in the other half of chiamag, or whether local prunes are a superfood.

Anyway, you have to pay more than 2500 fort for the main course, but there is no information on whether the raw materials were produced in a sustainable way.

There are two pavilions almost entirely dedicated to children and their teachers, and designed primarily for school groups to experiment with sustainability. There is a place here where you can drive with electric scooters and scooters, the PET cup, known for attempts to collect waste and recycling in Tisza, has been moved, here it is future heroes It is also an interactive adventure game called . This is one of the main attractions, according to Zsolt Unger, creative leader of Planet Budapest, creative leader of Planet Budapest, who previously developed the image of dozens of well-known brands.

Seats were filled in three days, with reservations plus five times

– According to a total of nearly five thousand primary and secondary school students between the ages of 10 and 16, Zsolt Unger said on Tuesday’s press tour, they can walk the nine-room course with scenic views and interactive interfaces, where live actors can Presence is a tale of sustainability that travels through time. “64 actors play five characters (alternately), with school sets of 30 starting every 20 minutes,” the creative lead recounts a 70-minute play.

Among other things, participants can learn how the global balance is disturbed, how much water is needed to produce a cotton shirt or hamburger, how harmful excessive consumption is, how important bees are, and of course a sustainable attitude.

The scenery and costumes are truly lavish, and the effort to convey the main and somewhat cliched message that the quality of life of the offspring depends on current generations, but not necessarily sustainability comes to mind with the myriad of projectors and cameras, made of many foam plastics, nylon domes , with six dozen behind-the-scenes projectors, computers and mixing desks operated by more than 150 professionals, to produce Six Days of Hollywood style emphasized by the creative leader. True, negotiations are already underway to work in a suitable place for another 1-2 years, and it is hoped that it will be possible to lend a special pedagogical experience program abroad.

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The kids enjoyed it anyway. For schoolchildren in Újpest who responded to, the character with the siren sound, aimed at over-consumption, came most often, which encouraged the purchase of non-essential goods. True, they also learned that we “don’t throw out the trash” and that we “drink water from the bottle.” The key messages are also memorialized by a porcelain ball (made in Hungary) fastened with a leather strap, as well as an aluminum bottle with a logo, which will be given as a gift at the end of the game, as well as sandwiches. Delivered in a cotton bag.

At the sight of scattered gifts, especially bottles imported from China, the green washing expert groans softly in the background.

However, according to the creative lead, his team of 80 people who took the task very seriously, in the third suite in a 10,000-square-foot adventure space called Your Planet, are trying to explain what sustainability is from water purification to waste management to livability. cities. There is an amazing illustration of the percentages of water we actually use in our daily use (very, very, very little), and why it’s important to green cities, ride a bike or feel like walking on a tree, hay, stone, avar. Of course, the VR equipment should not be missed, whether it is the terrain table of the water treatment plant, which is turbocharged with augmented reality, but we can also evoke VR shooting production for the hunting fair held here.

At the same time, the creative leader is trying to remove the current event from previous large-scale events that were also organized here with significant contributions from taxpayers and were criticized by many, stressing that we “really tried to do good things with the best professionals, with the greatest dedication”. To that end, the fair’s content aggregators read 12,000 pages in two months, so there are mostly Your Planet dashboards and exhibition booths, so there’s a guarantee that rugs will be recycled (and will become rugs again), so they invited representatives from 120 countries to look for solutions sustainable in the relevant global summit, and therefore to plant 700 trees as a first step to offset the carbon footprint of the event.

And for the trade fair, they were looking for exhibitors from V4 countries who were really doing something tangible for sustainability and “see business in real sustainability”. Exhibitors already include companies such as companies that provide indoor composting, a range of utilities from water management to waste handlers, and agribusiness from feed bug growers to drone micro-sprayers.

At the same time, there are some companies that appear sustainable only in the blink of an eye, such as a Czech company that makes urban commercial vehicles or a multi-car wash company. We understand that the former plays an important role in keeping cities safe (with its €5 diesel), and the latter promises to make our car clean with just a few deciliters of water and a microfiber cloth.

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What’s at least controversial is the MVM’s stand on one of the largest booths in the center of the exhibition space, which also operates the most polluting local energy producer, Mátra Power Plant, which has chosen a wind farm as a decorative element in the country where it was last put into service for ten years. Of course, only Greenpeace’s repeated protests might upset our valuable judgment.

Greenpeace activists sent messages to Balkovich with Adair’s words

“The planet is warming up and becoming uninhabitable, even for our grandchildren, and in order for this not to happen, we have to stop carbon emissions,” says Zsolt Jamniczky, member of the board of directors of the E.ON Hungária Group. A leading role in the spread of sustainable energy solutions in Hungary, from e-mobility, to the installation of solar energy systems, to the development of electricity networks built decades ago.

In any case, what an enthusiastic Czech exhibitor says about agriculture offsetting the carbon footprint is also thought-provoking. Martin Tušer, Treeib’s director of business development, points out that more carbon emissions can be offset by preserving older, older trees—their company offers a special solution for hydrobags to strengthen the roots of old trees—rather than planting new trees with a large portion of the trees in them. He will die in a few years.

If we think about the construction in the city park, the investment in Lake Vertu, and the timber destruction on the shores of Lake Balaton, the contrast is really strong. However, on the show, you can really feel that they didn’t regret the effort, energy (and money) to make something on a massive scale. “They’ve never done anything about sustainability to this scale and content. That’s a starting point, you definitely have childhood illnesses, and you can find fault with that,” apologizes Zsolt Unger, describing the event as an experiment, a theme that, if successful, any country can borrow it. We hope that members of the Hungarian government will go through it and accept the principles highlighted here.


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