There was a demonstration of a few hundred people in Jodo due to the fact that with the local “Special Economic Zone” designated, the city was deprived of tax revenues in the 420-hectare industrial zone.

The Göd-ÉRT Association organized a demonstration and march to the Samsung factory in Göd on Sunday afternoon, for the safety of local residents and to restrict battery factories – mentioned standard. The reason for the demonstration of 150-200 people was that by allocating the local special economic zone, according to the organizers, the city was deprived – as the organizers said – of the tax revenues of the 420-hectare industrial zone.

The Göd-ÉRT Association wants to achieve the safe operation of the plant and remembers that with the establishment of the district, the city of Göd lost the opportunity to protect itself from the damage caused by the dangerous and polluting plant.

One of the speakers at the demonstration, former deputy mayor Judit Hlavacc, said: “When it was revealed in 2016 that Samsung was building a battery factory here, we were alone. The assembly was founded in 2020, and now the first feat has taken place. In fact, the whole country He talks about battery factories.”


There will be no battery factory, but they also want a guarantee for this in Kistelek

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There will be no battery factory, but there will be a tortilla factory and a mushroom factory – the mayor promises. The inhabitants of Kistele do not trust the promises, and many want to return the territory intended for the battery factory. There was a public hearing at Kistelek.

The government hides the reason for expelling the expert who wrote an opinion on the battery factory in Debrecen

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Pence Retvari gave a three-page answer to the question about the dismissal of the expert who wrote the report on the battery factory’s demand for water, but nothing came of it.