Wavelength 96.4MHz took 10 years to LBK Base Kft. , which is run by a lawyer close to the government. Similar-name companies, announcing this, recently applied for free frequencies in the capital.

NEAR START NER, WINNER: At this week’s meeting of the Media Council, the frequency of the 96.4 MHz FM frequency band in Budapest has been allocated to Zsuzsanna LBK Base Kft. , attorney dealing with government orders, for 10 + 7 years – write the media 1. At the moment, the name and type of radio presented by the competitor remains a secret along the wavelength.

He writes in another article in the newspaper: LBK Base and two other media companies with similar names are both registered at the same address. God forbid, the other two companies recently entered into a frequency tender, as the National Media and Communications Authority set the rules so that only sports and rock radio can be broadcast, thus excluding Club Radio from the competition. The three frequencies together could reach 4.3 million students if they could win them all.

Radio Club lost to the media council in the palace

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According to Curia, the media board legally declared the radio tender and excluded Club Radio from it.

The Media Council considered the application of the Klubrádió frequency to be invalid

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Club Radio was the only applicant, so for a while no one would get a frequency of 92.9 yet. NMHH justified its decision with economic and programmatic problems.