They demand an increase of no less than 50 percent in wages in all jobs and positions.

More than 750 employees of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) signed the letter to the director, in which they considered it unacceptable that funds were not provided for “high-quality university education and research, as well as fair wages.” and student benefits.”

According to the text attached to the letter, the basic salary for university lecturers is not close to the average salary of a graduate engineer, he wrote. Telex.

The total monthly basic salary of a university assistant professor with a doctoral degree is 277,200 HUF, i.e. 366,600 HUF, including 40,600 HUF based on the employer's decision and the guaranteed minimum wage of 48,800 HUF.

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The total guaranteed monthly salary of the university's senior associate professors is only 535,200 HUF.

Doctoral students receive 140,000 Hungarian forints per month in the first two years, and 180,000 Hungarian forints per month in the second two years.

the Signatories of the open letter They demand that wages be raised by at least 50 percent immediately in all jobs and positions.

In recent years, it has been suggested several times that BME may also undergo a paradigm change, and this is being discussed with the Ministry of Culture and Innovation.