The planned transfer was delayed by half an hour until Friday morning, and it is worth updating or reinstalling the app.

Mávinform originally announced a half-hour pause in ticket sales and MÁVapp operations late on Thursday night due to the change in the tariff system on March 1, but on Friday morning ticket sales were still halted, and passengers tried to go online and offline.

Based on our reader's indications, the MÁV app and automatic machines were not working on Friday morning, and the railway company noted on Facebook that “the technical transition was not completed within the planned time frame, and specialists are still working on the transition,” and thus ticket sales were suspended.

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The post was updated at 6:30am with the technical change complete and ticket sales starting except at the Keleti Railway Station Passenger Centre. However, it seems that not all issues have been resolved later either, as already written in the latest update

The railway company asks MÁVapp users to be patient and recommends deleting and reinstalling the application.

For those who were unable to do so, they recommended visiting (ELVIRA) or ticket machines. Our readers who updated the app at noon were able to log in and purchase tickets a longer or shorter time later.