Felksot municipality representative, János Mészáros, already owned more than 300 hectares of land.

the Free Europe He revealed that Lőrinc Mészáros' brother, János Mészáros, who is also a member of the representative body of the municipality of Felscúti, became the owner of another 6 hectares of land. There were already more than 300 hectares of land in the name of Janos Mészáros. The newly acquired lands are located in the Oparok district and were acquired by their new owner for 25 million HUF.

János Mészáros's wife, Kristina Mészáros, also acquired new properties last year, acquiring twice that amount, 12 hectares of land. According to János Mészáros's declaration of assets, the owner owns arable land in Etyek, pasture land in Etyek and Szár, and cane in the latter settlement. In addition, he has agricultural lands and forest areas in Alksut, but he also owns several houses in Alksut and real estate in the Balaton area.

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His company network lags far behind that of his brother, but the Felcsút actor still owns several multi-billion-dollar companies, including Agro-Felcsút Kft. and Híd-Tám Kft., the latter of which won the government tender to develop the Lillafüred Forest. for railways, while his other company Adept Enviro received an order worth four billion HUF from the Ministry of Energy.