On Saturday, the Baltic country operates only on electricity imported from the country and the West.

Grid operator Litgrid announced that Lithuania on Saturday cut off its electricity grid completely from the Russian grid for a trial period of ten hours. During the day, while the test is in progress, the Baltic country’s energy supplies are supplied exclusively from domestic sources and imports from Sweden and Poland.

Lithuania had already stopped importing Russian gas the year before, however — just as Estonia and Latvia do — Lithuania also has a synchronized joint energy grid connecting the three Baltic states to Russia and Belarus dating back to Soviet times. Because of the BRELL ring system that connects the five countries, the Baltic power grid remains more or less at the mercy of Moscow and Minsk, which poses a huge security risk to Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.

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The three Baltic states already took steps last year to connect their electricity grids to Western Europe by 2025, but Lithuania wants to reach that goal earlier. The operators of the other two Baltic states, Estonia and Latvia, said that the technical conditions were not yet in place to disconnect them from the Russian network before the specified deadline.


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