Ferencvaros' representative body did not accept the budget, but Fidesz and opposition parties together prevented hundreds of people in the region from receiving their additional salaries in February.

Ninth. Kindergarten workers in the area – teachers, social workers and nannies – are waiting in vain for their additional salaries to arrive from the municipality in February. The representative body should have approved the budget allocated to this, but representatives of the three opposition parties, in addition to Fidesz, asked to postpone the decision.

Thus, an average of 80,000 HUF per person will be lost from the income of more than 700 people this month. As one kindergarten teacher told RTL News: For many, this amount represents more than a third of their income. Nannies, for example, work for minimum wage, and the bonus is very important to them.

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According to Kristina Barany, Mayor of Ferencvaros, there is a political intention behind the fact that the budget she presented was not passed by the Board of Directors, to support this she says: It was also said at the meeting that the representatives do not expect that he will be mayor in the next session.

According to Sandor Torsa, leader of the DK-MSZP coalition faction, the mayor presented the budget without consultation, and they found errors in it, which is why they asked for a postponement. According to Torsa, the question of how much money the municipality has left in 2023 was raised several times at the council meeting, but they did not receive an answer to this question.