The reason is a government decree that requires the use of better raw materials, but they are of course more expensive.

Public procurement launched after September 1, 2021 should take into account Government Decree 676/2020, which was issued last December. The legislation radically changes and renews the meals provided to kindergartens, schools and social institutions.

a nabe One consequence of the change is that as of January 1, 2022, at least 60 percent of the food used in public restaurants must come from local sources (or through the so-called short supply chain), but that percentage will be raised to 80 in cent from January 1, 2023. Another consequence of the change is seasonality, changes in storage and transportation capacity, which also affect prices:

Professional organizations estimate that the prices of raw materials and therefore the costs of canteens can increase by as much as 30 to 40 percent.

“What parents will feel from this depends solely on the municipalities, as they determine the reimbursement fee to be paid,” the newspaper wrote.

The Hungarian Caters Association has already come up with a recommendation, on the basis of which we can find out how much more expensive meals in kindergartens, kindergartens and schools from next January. According to their calculations, preschool lunches, which are now HUF 322, will rise to HUF 434 next year, and that of schoolchildren from HUF 437 to HUF 589. According to the recommendation, the 522 fort lunch currently valid in grammar schools will be 705 fort next year.

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The Gundel Canteen contract has been terminated by the Prime Minister


Gundel does not honor the 5+5 year canteen contract, which is subject to a player change anyway.

Is it carved in stone that a canteen can only be unhygienic?

Dobos Emeseslept

Homemade food is made with little money, but experts say it shouldn’t preclude the use of healthy, even organic, foods in food preparation. This will primarily require a change in purchasing methods, but it would also be good to reshape consumer tastes.