Wolves cause huge damage to cattle ranchers in Switzerland, so they are easy to shoot and reduce. After July 1st, wolves that threaten human life will be shot immediately.

From July 1st, the rules regarding wolf hunting in Switzerland will be relaxed. Laws originally adopted in 2022 will be amended so that cantons can, in most cases, make an independent decision about shooting individual wolves if they threaten farm animals or even human lives, and not have to wait for approval from the Center for Environmental Protection. Authorities, as shown on the Swiss government website to date From a published advertisement.

The amended decree primarily favors Alpine ranchers, for whom a CHF4 million subsidy program has been launched to help protect their livestock from large predators.

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According to the new rules, it is possible to shoot immediately those wolves that wander alone, outside the pack, directly threatening human life. (By the way, a wolf known by the codename M237, which migrated to Hungary at the beginning of the year and was supposedly shot despite its protected status, could also be considered.) In addition, after July 1, in places where previous damage occurred, it can Decide to shoot these single animals, if 6 farm animals die – previously this was only possible after at least 10 farm animals died.

They also changed the perception of the greater harm caused by wolves. While the destruction of livestock formerly belonged to this category, as of July 1, seriously injuring cattle, horses, llamas, or alpacas is also considered significant damage.

The number of farm animals destroyed if actions are taken against wolf packs has also been reduced: while previously they could start thinning a given pack after killing 10 animals, from summer this could also start after killing 8 animals – but this requires permission from the authority Competent. In areas where many packs are active, they can be mitigated more than before.

The new rule also creates the possibility of immediately shooting any wolf, even if it belongs to a pack, that threatens human life, and this does not require permission from the Environmental Protection Agency, and game wardens can also shoot wolves that approach populated areas.

In Switzerland, approximately 250 wolves may live in 26 packs, and according to estimates, their number may reach 350 by 2026. The damage they cause has increased dramatically in the recent period: while between 1998 and 2008 a total of a thousand farm animals were killed , between 2008 and 2020 they destroyed about the same amount every year – he writes swiss info.


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