The investment must be made as soon as possible in accordance with the June decision signed by Viktor Orbán.

In May, the court for the second time denied an environmental protection permit for the so-called Southern Railway Free Europeto However, according to the government decision reached, the investment will be built. According to the so-called 2,000-year-old government decree, which is undisclosed, i.e. not published in Magyar Közlöny, but was somehow leaked:

“The government notes that the main railway line between the Budapest-Kelenfold-Ferrensváros railway stations is one of the narrowest cross-sections of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) affecting Hungary, a national rail network, as well as Being a major and major transportation network of Budapest and the metropolitan agglomeration it has the role of a regional and national network.

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The government decided to affirm the intent to build the Southern Circular Railway after the environmental permit was revoked by the Metropolitan Court twice since January. Despite the court’s decision to ban them, they are still working on the ring road until the end of spring, after the Ministry of Construction and Transport objected to the ruling, saying that cutting trees is not irreparable damage, as they can be replanted later.

However, according to the decision just leaked, the government wants to carry out the construction of the railways in its unchanged form, so the existing two pairs of tracks will be widened to three, and in some places to four, and suburban railways with stops in Nádokert, Közvágóhíd and Népliget will be built.

Gergely Karacsony had previously assured Ogboda Mayor Emre Laszlo of his support in the capital’s general assembly, but the government’s decision shows a change in the capital’s stance. This means that much of the green space for parks, dog tracks and playgrounds hundreds of meters long from the Hamzsabég promenade in Ugbud will disappear, and up to a thousand trees may be cut down. The government intends to implement all this as quickly as possible.

And 12 years later, the Orbans’ secret money distributions were revealed

Through non-public government decisions, Orbán’s government has given hundreds of millions to cross-border organizations that support Fidesz’s political goals – especially in Transylvania and the Highlands. In 2011 alone, 787 million forints of public money were distributed in this way – this was revealed by hitherto secret government decisions that learned about. We looked at where these sums went.

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