A new situation arose when Bulgaria imposed a special tax on Russian natural gas arriving via the Turkish Stream.

Next winter, Gazprom will continue to deliver additional quantities of gas to Hungary, which in 2023 has already pumped 1.3 billion cubic meters of additional gas to the country, Alexei Miller, head of the holding company, announced at a press conference. TASS according to

Hungary continues to receive most of its gas from Russia: MVM signed two long-term contracts with Gazprom in September 2021, totaling 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas annually via Serbia and Austria, bypassing Ukraine. Since the Nord Stream gas pipeline was rendered unusable due to an act of sabotage, an agreement was reached in October 2022 that Russian gas would be transported via the Southern-Turkish Stream route and its branch via Bulgaria and Serbia.

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At the same time, file According to his report, tensions escalated in the Balkans when Bulgaria imposed a special tax of 10.20 euros per megawatt hour on Russian natural gas delivered via the TurkStream pipeline. The decision, adopted by the Sofia Parliament last Friday, sparked strong reactions from Serbia and Hungary, as the two countries rely heavily on Russian gas delivered via the southern route. Peter Szijjártó directly condemned Bulgaria’s decision as a violation of European solidarity and an attempt to boycott Hungarian-Russian energy cooperation.

Miller’s current announcement regarding additional Hungarian deliveries did not clarify the path through which the additional gas volume would be pumped into the Hungarian system. If this cannot happen via the Turkish Stream due to the Bulgarian move, then A file According to him, only the Ukrainian transit line can be considered.


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