RTL employees at the local government inquired about the money that was made, but the mayor only said the problem was “outdated.”

The local government in Cormi has received twice as much Ft200 million in EU support to help people living in extreme poverty to make up and integrate their housing, but living conditions for the majority of those in need have not improved – according to the latest RTL out-of-home programme. from sending.

The channel staff also went to a house that was falling apart and where the children were sitting in coats because the room was too cold. Another mom told the crew that

It also burns your furniture and clothes, just don’t let the kids catch a cold.

Their situation could also have helped the complex colony program mentioned above. A reporter from outside the House of Representatives also inquired about the details of this and the fate of the millions of forints spent in the local government, but to no avail, because he does not know much. Mayor Tibor Toth spoke about the program – under which a total of HUF 400 million in EU money has been won to help those in the nail season –

She can’t give any information, “because it’s not up to date now.”

According to public data, the catch-up program ended in July last year, but no change in the location was revealed. said Anikó Kiss, president of the Social Mailing Movement, which has been helping families in difficult circumstances for years.

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A portion of the big money can be seen in the village according to the channel: The municipality renovated an emergency apartment purchased from the state on the edge of the separation and two other buildings on the main street of the village. In addition to the house, according to his information, five Roma families moved to these municipal houses, but a solution must be found for the residents of about 130 houses in a karmic class.


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