Microsoft's quarterly dividend will be raised to 75 cents every next year. Steve Ballmer can already rub his palms: he owns 333.2 million shares.

Steve Ballmer, the sixth richest man in the world, has $1 billion in passive income. Ballmer doesn't have to do anything for it, as he can receive the amount as a dividend on his Microsoft stake, after the tech giant increased the quarterly dividend to 75 cents per share (that is, it pays $3 per share annually).

Ballmer, as the former CEO of Microsoft, owns 333.2 million shares (at least in 2014, when he last published ownership data), which means a 4 percent stake in the company. Accordingly, an amount of approximately $1 billion (381 billion forints) comes out, with which your bank account will be fattened without you having to do anything, regardless of the company's performance.

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Development report CNN Although they point out that all this will only become a reality if the board approves the dividend amount, they add that this has always happened since 2003, when the company was paying it.

The United States itself will benefit from huge gains if Palmer settles the 20 percent tax that will be paid on this income, which will thus increase the US treasury by about $200 million. With this alone, he represents one-seventh of the wealth of the richest Hungarian, Lorenc Mészáros, and a quarter of the wealth of the sixth-richest Hungarian, László Szej.