Tesla workers are fighting for a collective agreement, and many support them, for example by not providing license plates for new cars.

“It’s crazy,” Elon Musk commented on Channel X, that more and more people in Sweden are trying to disrupt Tesla’s production by supporting a strike by factory workers.

Eight unions in the country, not directly involved, announced solidarity measures with Tesla employees. Port workers refuse to load and unload Tesla cars, electricians refuse to make repairs at factories, and postal service providers refuse to deliver new license plates for cars – Include promotions in your article a guardian.

The sympathy measures may also extend to neighboring Norway, at least the largest union there has already indicated its willingness to take action.

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In Sweden, under the leadership of the IF Metall union, there have already been five weeks of downtime at Tesla factories. The union wants the American company to enter into a collective labor agreement with its employees – and Tesla (which traditionally refrains from such a thing) is not willing to do so.

IF Metall managers have indicated that they are willing to hold out as long as they want, because they see it as beyond Tesla. If Tesla can hire workers without a collective bargaining agreement, other companies may feel they can operate without an agreement that gives workers stronger rights and opportunities for advocacy.

Trade unions are very strong in Sweden. Although membership in employee-minded organizations has declined in recent decades, 90 percent of employees work in places where there is a collective agreement.


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