According to the central bank governor, Hungary can show the world that it is capable of reaching mutually beneficial agreements with China.

“The world is facing a critical moment due to escalating geopolitical tensions, slowing global economic growth and accumulating financial risks,” Wang said. CGTN TV channel Gyorgy Matolcsi, President of the Hungarian National Bank.

According to him, there is an urgent need to rebuild and establish a diversified international financial system that can ensure global financial stability and support future economic growth. “In order to deal with these challenges, governments and institutions must reach consensus on rules and implement them in order to strengthen global cooperation,” the Hungarian Central Bank President added.

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In the interview, György Matolcsi also said that Hungary is trying to be the first to deepen its relations with China, whether it is economic or financial cooperation, in order to set a good example for the whole world, as we can show that they are also capable of reaching mutually beneficial agreements. Matulsi pointed out that this is important, according to him, because some Western countries fear the challenges posed by China.