The settlements led by Fides also felt austerity last year, but the opposition cities felt more.

Under the guise of the coronavirus pandemic, the government has implemented major austerity measures in local governments. Resources for municipalities have been curtailed, and in many places government support has not increased, according to the analysis published Tuesday. G7.

According to the portal’s calculations, austerity-driven settlements fared worse with austerity measures, but 2021 also brought a difficult period for a large part of the government parties until the receipt of state compensation. (In the analysis, the portal examined the 170 largest Hungarian settlements with populations over 10,000.)

a G7 According to him, the last closed budget year available to local governments is 2019, and data for 2020 was not yet available in a uniform manner. But according to them, given the coronavirus pandemic and several government measures that affected local governments last year, such as lost parking revenue and abolition of car tax, 2019 is already a better benchmark.

Accordingly, it turns out that only half of the austerity measures were awarded to the settlements led by Fides, whereby revenues fell by 6 percent, while those of the opposition settlements fell.

The decrease is 11 percent.

This G7 It means that in an opposition-led settlement with an average population of over 10,000, the per capita income of local governments has fallen by 39,000 Swiss francs, in Fides scores by 15,000 Swiss francs, and in settlements with less than 10,000 inhabitants (where the mayor is usually independent ) by HUF 50,000 compared to the 2019 plans.

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