According to the Foreign Minister, the decision taken in Sofia to raise transit fees for natural gas passing through the country puts Hungary’s energy supply at risk.

Hungary, Serbia and North Macedonia will take coordinated action regarding Bulgaria’s increase in transit fees for transporting natural gas, so that the move does not jeopardize the energy supplies of either country, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto said on Friday in Belgrade.

The Foreign Minister announced that violation procedures had been initiated in this regard in the European Commission, and an agreement had been reached for the Hungarian and Serbian governments to coordinate all their steps in this regard.

No matter what the government says, it will be more and more painless if we break away from Russian gas

Peter Szijjarto was upset by the new special tax imposed by the Bulgarian government on the transportation of Russian gas delivered to Hungary and Serbia. The Foreign Secretary shouted that the extraditions could be stopped because of the joke. Vladimir Putin then reassured everyone, saying that Gazprom would continue to pump gas to us despite this measure.

Bulgaria’s controversial move raises strong questions about European solidarity. “Allies don’t do this to each other.” “In addition, this step contravenes EU rules and practically means imposing a duty. Member states cannot impose customs duties, it is the responsibility of society. Your decision hinders the free movement of goods to Bulgaria and constitutes a serious violation of trade rules,” Szijjarto said. Common European Union”, then pointed out that there had already been a similar case sixteen years ago, when Italy imposed environmental protection duties on natural gas coming from Algeria.

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The Rome action was canceled by Brussels due to a violation of the rules. “We expect this now too. We expect Bulgaria to withdraw this hostile decision, and if it does not, we expect the EU to apply European rules and not allow any EU Member State to be compromised by another EU Member State or another candidate for membership.” “Energy security.” I finish.


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