There was no successful ticket, but a lucky person in the joker draw can get 177 million.

According to Szerencsejáték Zrt information. The following numbers were drawn in the five-week lotto and wildcard draw:

Winning numbers:

Four billion forints can be won with these numbers, but nobody gets to all five. According to Zerensegatik I visited:

  • There were no 5-hit assists.
  • 44 tickets with 4 results, each with a prize of HUF 1,328,640;
  • 3,423 tickets with 3 results, each with a prize of HUF 17,820;
  • 94,321 tickets with two outcomes, each with a prize of 2,185 HUF;

At the same time, this also means that the potential jackpot amount has increased for the next week: 4.2 billion HUF.

However, in the joker draw – the winning number here is 585,226 – there was success, and here the prize is not small, 177,728,460 HUF.