The situation is getting worse in Greece, where they are fighting the fire for the fifth day, but can’t really control it due to the heat and wind.

Firefighters are still unable to quell devastating wildfires across Greece for the fifth day in a row. BBC Reports According to the fire slowly threatening the capital, thousands of residents and tourists have already been evacuated from the villages north of Athens.


To date, more than 150 fires have been identified, so alert orders have been issued in six regions of the country.


It is also difficult to graft because of the heat and high winds. The disaster has so far killed five people, including a firefighter.


According to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the devastation “shown the reality of climate change”.

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This year was the third month of July in the world


The European Union’s Copernicus Atmospheric Observatory (C3S) said on Thursday that this year, along with last year, was the third warmest July in the world since the start of measurements, noting that last month was accompanied by an unusual rise in temperatures from Finland. to the United States.

In Canada, it was hit 47,345 times an hour due to heat and fire


The heat and raging fire in Canada together created a cloud of smoke storms where 71,177 lightning strikes were counted in 15 hours.