As if some zeros were missing from the hand-filled document.

K-Monitor noted that Fidesz MP Sandor Fazekas declared 19.5 forints in savings and 2.1 forints in cash in his latest asset declaration.

According to the organization, it is possible that Fazekas managed to insert zeros into his latest asset statement. This is a logical conclusion only because the smallest Hungarian denomination in circulation is the five forint, which is more than twice the wealth of the Fidesz representative in cash, according to his own admission.

“Without a real share, this measure was good at best to further undermine confidence in politicians this year,” comments K-Monitor, which campaigns for the transparent use of public funds and the suppression of corruption, about the meaninglessness of the asset declaration system. Regarding the incorrectly filled out Fazekas document.

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As we already wrote, in recent years, Parliament has touched on the asset declaration system several times, but this has not changed much as the entire reporting period has remained mostly pro forma: