According to Chapa Domotor, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Cabinet Office, during the making of the rules, the situation of those who consume only electricity and no gas at all, or only very little, will be dealt with separately.

While developing the new overhead protection rules, the Executive Group for Energy Emergencies is trying to examine all life situations and special living conditions – Dumotor said on Kossuth Radio’s Sunday newspaper programme.

According to the foreign minister, experts are currently working on the new detailed rules. He added that this will be completed by the emergency operations crew in the field of energy, and the decree related to this will be issued soon.

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Detailed rules will also cover pricing and method of organization. They also deal separately with the case of those who consume only electricity and not gas at all, or who consume very little of it, and they also cover the case of people living in small settlements and the protection of large families – explained Chapa Dumutor.


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