The number of Hungarians travelling to Croatia has increased significantly compared to last year, but the length of stay has decreased.

The Croatian Tourism Association announced that 170,000 Hungarian tourists traveled to Croatia in the first half of this year. According to eVisitor data (this is a system similar to the one operating in Hungary, guests are registered in this system) they spent 630,000 guest nights there, that is, they stayed for three to four days on average.

We see a duality in the Hungarian figures: while the number of guests increased by 5 percent in one year, the number of days they spent there increased by only one day. In other words, more people are going out, but those who traveled abroad spent less time there. Of course, a lot can still change, as the main summer season is just coming.

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The favourite region for Hungarians is the Kvarner Gulf region – the area around Rijeka and the island of Krk – where they spent 190,000 nights. Next on the list are Istria with 145,000 and the Zadar region with 90,000 Hungarian guest nights.

German guests are the biggest source of income for Croatian tourism, spending 5.7 million nights there so far this year, outnumbering domestic guests: Croatians spent 3.7 million nights in their country’s accommodation. They are followed by Slovenians and Austrians with 2.7 and 2.6 million guest nights respectively.

However, the large number of tourists is not only a joy for Croatians as well: for example, experts were shocked by the volume of traffic jams on the highways.

We have detailed what Hungarians going on vacation to Croatia should prepare for:


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