Many people’s family holidays may be ruined by a strike.

The PCS union announced on Wednesday that UK Border Force staff will be on strike at several UK airports over the Christmas and New Year travel period. UK Border Force staff are also responsible for the passport control process at border crossing points.

General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Mark Sirotka said in his briefing on Wednesday:

Border police workers at London’s two largest airports, Heathrow and Gatwick, as well as at Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester airports, have been on strike from December 23-26 and December 28-31, for eight days.

On the same days, border officials at the very busy Newhaven ferry port in southern England went on strike.

The union justified the action by saying that the government offered only a 2% wage increase for service workers, and refused to raise it even after several negotiations. On the other hand, the PCS is demanding a ten percent wage increase. According to the union leader, under the circumstances, many Border Police workers are “forced to skip meals or cannot heat their homes.” Sirotka added that there could be strikes next year as well, if the government refuses to negotiate on meeting wage demands.

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