Organic waste collection has begun in Zolnok for the first time, and the system could start in the capital in March.

It was revealed that the collection of household organic and food waste has begun at designated sites Telex Compilation. According to the newspaper, the program has already begun in the following cities, in order:

  1. solnok,
  2. sekkesfeyrvar,
  3. Kaposvar.

The assembly process will begin in the near future in the following cities: Miskolc, Cegled, and in March in Budapest as well, but not anywhere in the entire settlement, but mainly in residential areas with apartment units and residential properties. In the capital, for example, the eleventh. And the twenty-first. The region, until the end of the twentieth year. Also in the area. You can read details about who, what and how they will be collecting here:

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The collection is carried out by Mol Zrt's waste company, which has won the household waste concession for 35 years, Mohu Mol Hulladékzágászólji Zrt. This year, in the first round, organic waste will be collected from 460,000 families in 14 settlements.