Stakeholders receive little support from the Austrian government.

No matter how “generous” the Austrian government is to those hit hardest by the lockdowns in 2021, the hairdressers involved believe they are not receiving enough support and are uncertain about the future. Standard.

The national shutdowns have affected about a thousand small and medium businesses in Austria, nearly two-thirds of whom are dissatisfied with the state support system, as companies expect financial aid to arrive faster. nabe According to a survey conducted by the consulting firm Finanzombudsteam.

Austria provided a support package of 11.6 billion euros for the affected sectors in 2020, with 21 million euros currently disbursed. In addition, another package of 8.21 billion euros was announced. Meanwhile, many decided to lay off their subordinates, while others turned to institutions for more help.

A hairdresser in Vienna, for example, said he suffered a turnover loss of nearly 70,000 euros in 2021 due to the ongoing shutdown. Although he received financial support,

Pay your business wages and other fixed costs to a loss of €20,000.

According to stakeholders, in addition to faster payments, they should also receive higher benefits and other value-added tax or tax deductions.


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