The World Cup organizing company signed another HUF 1.14 billion contract with Gyula Blasi’s business, but its CEO has kept silent about it.

After a previous framework contract worth HUF 2.1 billion, the organizing company of the Summer Athletics World Championships in Budapest signed a new contract worth HUF 1.14 billion with the Gyula Palassi companies, which is openly sympathetic to Fides, writing: When the channel asked about the costs last week, Balaz Nemeth, CEO of the organizing company, mentioned only the first, larger convention, and said he would announce exactly what the organization would cost after the event.

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The €2.1 billion contract is with Lounge Event Kft. and Visual Europe Zrt. Refers to the first phase of the event organization and communications tasks for the World Cup. Another agreement was signed on October 5, dealing with the organization of events and the delivery of programs related to the promotion of sports.

Out of a contract worth HUF 1.14 million, the organizing company received a call of HUF 798 million, and the remaining 30 percent, HUF 342 million, is an option. The contract is valid from the date of signing until the maximum limit – including the option amount – has been exhausted, but not later than July 31, 2023. The purchase was carried out by the National Communications Office under the Antal Rogan portfolio.

The World Cup begins exactly 200 days later, on August 19 and lasts until the 27th. Its central location will be the new national athletics center on the banks of the Danube in Pest, the construction costs of which are currently around HUF 246 billion.


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