Daron Acemoglu took out a previous book from the Dutch Prime Minister and approved it while reading it.

Daron Acemoglu, Elite American University, MIT Economist at Project Syndicate the side He published a journalist urging the union to initiate an exclusion process against Hungary and to do the same for Poland.

Daron Acemoglu – Stabbing 444 – Mark Rutte quotes the Dutch Prime Minister, who previously explained in detail why “Hungary no longer has a place in the European Union”. Ruti came to this after a set of laws hijacked with anti-gay clauses.

Acemoglu has now summed it all up by saying that the Dutch were “right”.

The economist also points out in his writings that in the case of Hungary it is no longer possible to talk about democracy, because the collapse of the rule of law and the democratic institutional system in a developed country. Courts say it is increasingly under the control of the ruling party, and there is hardly any noticeable freedom of the press.

The economist then goes on to say that Hungary and Poland’s opposition to the European Prosecutor’s Office is the last straw, and both countries are symbols of the EU’s inoperability and institutional weakness. The expert acknowledges that foreclosure is a serious decision that should not be rushed, however

The longer the EU treats Hungary as a normal democracy, the more it destroys its brand.”

Acemoglu Books.

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The economist recommends that the EU start reshaping its own rules, suspending the two countries’ voting rights, depriving them of EU funds and, finally, “if there is no shift”, exclude them from the ranks of member states.

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