The president was criticized after he announced his candidacy for the European Parliament elections next June, and that if he wins, he will resign from his position.

Charles Michel, President of the European Council, announced on Saturday evening his candidacy for the European Parliament elections on June 9. If elected, he could take his seat in the European Parliament in mid-July, which would leave the top position in the European Council vacant.

Since Hungary will take over as EU president from July 1, and if a successor to Charles Michel is not found by then, Viktor Orbán will also lead European Council meetings. The leaders of the 26 member states want to avoid this – because Orban has “held the EU hostage” on many issues – and are now under great pressure.

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the According to The Guardian In response to criticism of his decision, Charles Michel said that the European Council could easily name his successor by the end of June or the beginning of July.

He said there are many ways to avoid Viktor Orbán, if you have the political will.

After elections scheduled for early June, European leaders will meet on June 17, 27 and 28 to begin the “battle” for top EU officials, including the posts of presidents of the Commission and Council. Bargaining usually continues for several months, culminating in the formation of a new committee at the end of November. Originally, Charles Michel's term as president had ended at that time.