After 2020, which brought about an unprecedented economic shock, 2021 was still a year of extremes – although inflation was among the seemingly extreme processes, signaling a return to traditional economic reality, to which we have just become accustomed in recent years. Anyway, we’ve learned that anything can happen, and vice versa.

We have tried to unleash our imagination and find out what awaits us in 2022. Today, extremism has become the norm. We’ve now found predictions that, while they might happen, would raise eyebrows if they did.

Helicopter money. but not so

In December, the government appeared to have passed all the distribution cartridges, but opinion polls at the beginning of the year may reveal that the result of the spring parliamentary elections is still in doubt, despite income tax deductions, exemptions for young people from personal income tax or 13 months. the retirement. As a similar measure is no longer feasible, the plan faces technical hurdles (the fifth wave of Covid) to provide a long weekend for anyone holding a Szép card at a hotel in Lőrinc Mészáros or István Tiborcz, aided by Antal Rogan and spending money on it among voters.

Gergeli Golias informs journalists who are raising questions about government information that the current form of helicopter money support, Central Bank President Gyorgy Matulci, is trying to explain a quote from Garfield in the columns of the Hungarian nation that it is not conceivable

Giorgi Julias



Not only is Gyorgy Matulsky opposed to the new decentralization, but his discussion with Finance Minister Mihaly Varga about who is responsible for high inflation (for the sake of opposition readers: who benefits most from higher prices) will not ease. After emerging from the bubble of the iwiwen controversy, which was largely imploded by the columns of the pro-government press and the renewed success of Mark Zuckerberg, Lőrinc Mészáros, they found new ground for their decision in a duel: along the lines of two Brazilian politicians in cage They decide which one is correct.

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In the first round of the fight, they both have a big lead: Mihaly Varga attacks his opponent with Excel spreadsheets, and the remaining copies of György Matolcsy’s book interrupt the Balance and Growth of the Minister. But the momentum fades quickly later, and eventually, in the fifth round, they agree to keep five players. Base rate, inflation, growth, deficit and number of presidential publications per month.

Giorgi Matulci and Mihaly Varga


More spacious outside

The European Commission still does not contribute to receiving EU funds from the Recovery Fund, which puts the budget in a difficult situation, as the state has already submitted a tender to build a wall around all kindergartens, preventing entry to serial immigrants who promote non-permanent surgery. “There is life outside the European Union” – Viktor Orban issued the order, then, referring to the state of emergency, Hungary’s exit from the European Union begins with a decree issued in the Hungarian Gazette at 11:50 pm on Friday.

As news editors try to interpret the text of the regulation in legal language with coffee on Saturday morning, French President Emmanuel Macron sends an army of poachers angry at British restrictions on Brexit on behalf of European unity to Hungary, who are surprised they can. If they find any sea, therefore, in the absence of a better sea, they occupy the first shipbuilding area. A British government delegation has arrived, too, but instead of the advisory service Viktor Urban hoped for, all truck drivers found only at the Waberer site are taken hostage to alleviate an ongoing labor shortage.

serial plan

George Soros finds it better to pay for the flu than immigrants, so two bloggers promoting sustainable gastronomy and a wannabe fashion designer wearing fake Chinese Gukki bags are raising Fudan University’s social resistance to unbearable levels. When Krisztián Berki (not a gymnast) stuffed his Bentley car with an organic cotton sack marked No Fudan, the government decided to forgo the investment. The European Commission (the council is still trying to explain what the government means with its exit rules) welcome the decision, and are no longer enthusiastic about China. So much so that they decided to build the Hungarian section of the Budapest-Belgrade railway between Vienna and Belgrade outside Hungary, with the original loan structure, but with the participation of Montenegrin contractors grumbling about the construction of an expensive motorway.

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Lake Balaton for me

Drought in April after a very cold winter and a heat wave in May, Lake Balaton dries up at the start of high season (and by the time the resigned Janus Ader can go fishing). And so the climate crisis has become a reality not only for Hungarians but also for those who live in the eastern part of Germany, but even Greta Thunberg will leave for Hungary to take responsibility – this will take a while if not talking. The European railway network, in particular – due to the outage, the train service is suspended for two days.

Fortunately, by the time Thunberg arrives, the solution will be determined: Lőrinc Mészáros, the richest man in the country, will see the water base protected and the lake refilled at a rapid pace, partly in the name of environmental awareness and partly in his desire to salvage his tourism interests.

Shares of Opus Plc. “Today, unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer real men,” the owner of the company comments modestly at the press conference about the new landmark of the lake, the Balatonford swamp.


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