The situation is not better with other fast food restaurants.

He wrote that there are a lot of vacancies in American fast food restaurants, but there are a lot of jobs where children are already being recruited in some places. BBC. The portal is a model for McDonald’s, Oregon where 14 to 15-year-olds can apply if they are working. A call to this popped up a couple of weeks ago in front of the store.

But it’s better elsewhere, with local banners on Burger King and Wendy recently displaying similar banners.

The article quotes Heather Kennedy, a McDonald’s operator in Medford, who said that the franchise’s forty-year history has not yet developed such a shortage of manpower. The unit tried to mitigate this by raising the base hourly wage to $15, but that didn’t generate much interest. However, since teens can also apply for jobs, there are many promising applicants.

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What McDonald’s said is that a number of measures have been taken to reduce the labor shortage. These include childcare, an entry bonus, and new types of benefits. The company’s next step is to raise the national minimum hourly wage to $15.

In the United States, there are different rules for working age. In Oregon, 14 years is the minimum, but in this case, strict rules are set: a young worker must not work in a dangerous job, work hours must adjust to school, and they must be given an adequate amount of rest time.

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