We can decide on 1 + 1 percent sja until May 22nd this year.

The property statement for the sja 1 + 1 percent – also available on the home page of the NAV website – can be submitted to the tax office electronically, on paper by mail or in person, either as part of the return or as a stand-alone statement on the “22EGYSZA” page until May 22.

The easiest way to reach a client portal of 1 + 1 percent of the company is a NAV web packaging software maybe.

Another solution might be for employers to collect employee returns at 1 + 1 percent and have the company turn it over to NAV. In this case, be sure to submit the declaration to the company in a sealed envelope by the tenth of May, and do not forget that you must sign the sticky surface of the sealed envelope with your hand.

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Only civic organizations that previously registered with NAV—a list of which is available on the IRS website—can receive bids, as can religious communities that have a technical number and budget appropriations.

It is important to know that an officially valid declaration addressed to religious denominations and technical number of priority budget appropriations is automatically taken into account by NAV until the bidder refers to a beneficiary with a different technical number with a new declaration or withdraws the previous permit. As for the civilian beneficiary, the donation must still be made annually.


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