According to the trade union association, the government is dealing with changing the European Union directives on minimum wages.

Trade unions find it infuriating that the Orbán government is not prepared to engage in any formal dialogue on the implementation of the EU directive on the European minimum wage, other than a very narrow seven-day social consultation, even though it requires the participation of interest representatives.

According to the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MASZSZ), the government's proposal is far from the expected minimum in terms of content, so they are developing a comprehensive professional proposal for a substantive consultation. But if they ignore their expectations, I will seek international legal assistance to implement your directions.

“Not only the shortness of time, but also the content is outrageous, because the proposal suggests that Hungary has already met the EU regulation, while we are light years away from that,” said Robert Zlaty, President of MASZSZ. According to him, there is almost no trace in the document of the expectations that were expressed several times before in the forum designated for consultation. It is considered ironic that the purpose of the Directive is precisely the effective participation of representatives of the interests of employees and employers in the process, but this has not yet been achieved, even at the first step.

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